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I tend to believe that I give a helluva bunch of good advice to my ladies in love and romance. I've dated tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, and not so skinny ones and I've learned …A lot of it has to do with the fact that I can't seem to keep my opinion to myself, but mostly because I've experienced the ups and downs in dating and love. [Read more...]Have you ever dated a man and after a few months of pure bliss, he just up and disappeared? Do cologne opener (gesturing rather than speaking), with marks on wrist. Thank her, then show her something visual: a cigarette vanish or arm-twisting illusion. If she is a good sport, draw a picture of her on your notepad. As she turns it around, cross out arrow and point it in the other direction (so that it is still towards her).

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However, how many times do we fall for the same type of men over and over again? If you keep gravitating to the same bums, then it's …

This component is available to all students and is often student initiated through self-referral.

However, teachers, parents or guardians or others may refer students for assistance.

Individual student planning consists of activities directed by the counselor that help all students plan, monitor and manage their own learning as well as their personal and career development.

Students evaluate their educational, occupational and personal goals and by working on an individual basis or in small groups, develop immediate or long-range plans.

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