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Besides, all it takes is the wrong person to walk past your cubicle while you’re trying to see…and then you’re mad at me. I’ve seen her without the photoshopped picture and she is pretty accurate compared to this pic.

But the point is that she rather be naked that wear fur.

That being said, if being naked for the world to see makes you feel like you are doing something, go for what you know.

I just hope she is sincere and not just out for publicity.

Good for her; but she didn’t have to show her naked body to the public to prove it, LOL…just sayin!

It doesn’t really seem like that is her body or maybe they photo shopped her into submission.

to state something like “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin” while simultaneously being weaved up, sporting fake eyelashes/hair/nails and having undergone plastic surgery to, I guess, “correct” her African nose… Just when she thought the pain of the breakup was over, she received a message from a friend, which read, “I saw [a photograph of] you in the Whatsapp group I have with the guys from football. : D” Her friend even attached a screenshot from the chat group: it was an intimate photo she'd taken for her ex, with the promise that he'd never share it with anyone else. The photograph had been leaked online and was being shared by strangers over instant messaging.“Sexting” (sending and receiving sexually explicit messages) is on the rise, but what restrictions should people impose on themselves, if any, when it comes to sensualizing themselves on camera?No, it isn’t right to torture animals and exploit them for financial means…and waste the rest of the kill just for those financial means.However, most of PETA’s “tactics” include throwing red paint, flour, or other kind of negative actions to discourage people from wearing fur. As for Williams, I think that she means well, but I would be madder than hell if someone photoshopped me…I would be like you guys either going to have to do this ad again or I am not doing it.

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